Language Courses with a difference

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Welcome to Speak Out!

If you want to speak a second language with confidence, you’ve come to the right place.  

Speak Out Languages gives adults the confidence to talk, opening the doors for new travel experiences.  We offer French, German, Spanish and Italian courses in Edinburgh, designed to get you speaking and understanding quickly. Traditional language classes focusing on textbooks and writing are fine for exams but if you want to be able to communicate, you need to have the confidence to speak!  

How it works

Each 10-12 week course focuses on speaking and understanding.  Every French, German, Spanish and Italian class is designed to be fun, practical and to build your confidence.  Speak Out classes are small and tailored to your needs and interests.  You get plenty of attention and speaking practice, leading to rapid improvement.   As part of each course, there is an optional long weekend to France, Germany, Spain or Italy to practise what you have learned.

Speak in a Week is back in July! Details here!

Gift vouchers also available.   Treat your loved ones to a whole new adventure…. Contact us

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