Language Courses with a difference

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Speak Out! for Business

If your company requires you to learn Business French or German, or if you are a group of colleagues wanting to use your lunchtimes to learn a language, we will bring Speak Out! to you.

Business French, German, Spanish and Italian

The most effective way to learn a language for business is to build confidence. Speak Out! offers tailored courses based on the needs of your organisation, with the option of a trip to France , Germany, Spain or Italy to practise. Why practise on clients first?!

In consultation with you, we will create the most effective course, focusing on what you need, rather than on textbook business, to ensure  you and your colleagues progress as rapidly as possible and have the confidence to communicate.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Lunchtime Language for Busy People

Weekly 45 minute class for 10 weeks £90

If you are a group of 6-10 people, Speak Out! will come to your office at lunchtime.  These sessions are practical, fast-paced and tailored to your needs to help you make the most of your lunch hour.

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