Ruth Allan 
Founder’s Notes 

Hello and thank you very much for visiting our site!  Our mission at Speak Out Languages is to help EVERYONE to communicate in a second language confidently.  


The trigger for my own love of languages was a school exchange to Germany at the age of 14.  It was there that I realised that you have  a lot more fun if you actually speak the language, rather than obsessing over grammar and exams.  Graduating from Oxford in 1995 in Modern Languages, I worked across Europe, Australasia and the Middle East, before founding Speak Out in 2012 in response to a real need for a different way to approach language teaching. Languages are not maths.  There is no right or wrong answer.  There is just communication and the confidence to give it a go.  Every single Speak Out course is designed with that in mind.  All of our teachers are passionate about helping each learner achieve their full potential.  And every single class is focused on building confidence to talk.

Thanks again for visiting us and we look forward to meeting you soon.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I'm at ruth@speakoutwithconfidence.com

Speak soon!


What do the clients say?

I found myself wondering why French wasn't taught like this at school.

Alison Woolerton, Edinburgh

We’re moving to France armed only with much enthusiasm and all the French you've happily drummed into us over the past 9 weeks or so. We have gained so much from your 'teaching with infinite patience' approach and we will miss you all! Your teaching is just excellent, and we both speak out in French now with much greater confidence!

Dale Strachan, Brodies, Edinburgh

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed this course! There was a great atmosphere in our group and we laughed every week, I really looked forward to my Monday nights! you’ve managed to combine group teaching with a tailored individual experience. You are very much in tune with exactly what level each person is at and carefully challenge everyone accordingly. Thank you.

Joanna Mitchell, Edinburgh

I've struggled with learning languages in the past but the way this class is delivered has worked really well for me.

Fiona McConnell, Edinburgh

I’ve liked the fact that the course is based on learning conversational language which is related to real life situations. Although the classes are not hugely focused on grammar,without putting too much emphasis on this aspect of speaking the French language we are still learning the grammar as we go along which is good, but the classes remain interesting and relevant and not boring!

Joan Dewar, Edinburgh

I enjoyed the course very much. I felt it was right for my level as I had forgotten a lot of my beginner Spanish.  Pablo was an excellent teacher, encouraging, and I felt, very gentle in his teaching approach to bring us up to the confidence in putting into practice all that we had learned. I feel very much more confident in speaking Spanish.

Cathie Stewart, Edinburgh

 Speak Out Languages has been working with a cross-functional team to deliver Speak Out with Confidence in French.  We have already noticed benefits throughout the organisation. Not only has the level of French greatly improved, but the classes also build confidence in communication and has the team interacting in positive fun way.  In addition, we have seen positive impact on building relationships with colleagues in France, while in the UK HQ, the classes have served as a bonding exercise with team-members of all levels in the organisation, who might not usually get the opportunity to work closely with each other. 


I recommend Speak Out Languages to any organisation who wishes to help their team members build stronger relationships through improving their language skills.


Jan Young

Managing Director, Barrie Knitwear

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