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French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Beginner to Advanced.   

  • Speak Out courses are all about confidence.  Generations of students leave school having 'studied' a second language but unable to speak it for fear of making a mistake.  Every Speak Out course is designed to get learners over that fear.  

  • Each course focuses on speaking and understanding.  

  • Every French, German, Spanish and Italian class is designed to be fun, practical and to build confidence.  

  • Speak Out classes are small and tailored to your needs and interests.  You get plenty of attention and speaking practice, leading to rapid improvement.   

  • In addition, there is an optional long weekend to France, Germany, Spain or Italy to practise what you have learned.

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Private lessons are available for all levels at £40/hour or a block of 5 - 10 sessions at £35/hour. 

Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

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