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Say hallo to the poetic German language.


Germany is not just a powerful economic country, it is the land of poets, composers and thinkers. Thirteen Nobel prizes in literature and thirty Nobel prizes in physics have been awarded to German-speaking authors and scientists. Some of the world’s most acclaimed musicians, such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Strauss, were German-speaking. This might have something to do with the inspiring scenery. Lush forests, Austrian mountains and beautiful hillsides. An ambler’s paradise!

Germany’s cities, including Berlin, are full of history, art and innovation. If business is your thing, knowledge of the language gives you access to an industrious and skilled market. But if you’re more interested in the country’s rich culture, being able to confidently order one of their delectable cakes is just the ticket. Did someone say Kirschtorte?


What can I expect from a Speak Out German course?


  • Instruction and feedback from one of our twelve experienced teachers.

  • Small classes that ensure you get attention and practice.

  • Classes tailored to you, not a textbook.

  • Lively sessions that build speaking confidence.

  • A warm, reassuring and stress-free environment.

  • Rapid progress.

  • An optional trip to Germany to try your new skills.


All of our German courses are fun, practical and relaxed. Our classes are small because they are tailored to your needs and interests. With our teachers, you will receive plenty of attention and speaking practice that leads to rapid improvement.


Private lessons are available for all levels at £40/hour or a block of 5 - 10 sessions at £35/hour.


Ready to stroll through the German countryside? Fancy dancing in a Berlin Nachtclub? Get started today by contacting us for information or book now.


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