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Say ciao to the elegant Italian language.


With a dreamy Mediterranean coastline, Italy is a country just as beautiful as its art. Sorrento, Positano, Sicily, Firenze, Roma, the Amalfi Coast... it has more world heritage sites than any other country in the world. Rome was the centre of the Roman empire and is still the most important location for those of Catholic faith today. Much of its beloved food, including pizza, began as peasant food and each region has a strong culinary tradition of its own. You won’t eat the same pasta in Naples as you will in Bologna! 


Italy has a reputation for being the cradle of creativity, art and craftsmanship. If you are interested in fostering new business connections, knowledge of Italian will help in industries such as fashion, engineering, and food. But if Italian culture is more up your street, imagine being able to watch La Dolce Vita without subtitles or fluently order an espresso in a cafe in Milan. Bene!

What can I expect from a Speak Out Italian course?


  • Instruction and feedback from one of our twelve experienced teachers.

  • Small classes that ensure you get attention and practice.

  • Classes tailored to you, not a textbook.

  • Lively sessions that build speaking confidence.

  • A warm, reassuring and stress-free environment.

  • Rapid progress.

  • An optional trip to Italy to try your new skills.


All of our Italian courses are fun, practical and relaxed. Our classes are small because they are tailored to your needs and interests. With our teachers, you will receive plenty of attention and speaking practice that leads to rapid improvement.


Private lessons are available for all levels at £40/hour or a block of 5 - 10 sessions at £35/hour.


Can you smell the espresso? Get started today by contacting us for information or book now.


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