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Say hola to the beautiful Spanish language.


Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Not only is it used in over twenty countries across the globe, Spanish is one of the easiest second languages for native speakers of English to pick up. "If you can spell it, you can say it!" Having skills in Spanish will help you travel and communicate with over 580 million people in destinations including Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Bolivia.


If business is your thing, having Spanish in your toolkit will expand your horizons through wider connections, a better personal CV, or access to new markets.


Spain is a land of sunshine with historic traditions that includes music, dance, art and sport.  It has a vibrant, diverse culture due to the varying customs of each region, such as the Basque Country, Asturias and Catalonia. Every region has a captivating heritage that influences their food, language, and way of life. It’s not just about tapas. Spain has it all. Its beautiful coastline has created a cuisine rich in seafood, while the north of the country has been brewing cider (sidra) for generations.

What can I expect from a Speak Out Spanish course?


  • Instruction and feedback from one of our twelve experienced teachers.

  • Small classes that ensure you get attention and practice.

  • Classes tailored to you, not a textbook.

  • Lively sessions that build speaking confidence.

  • A warm, reassuring and stress-free environment.

  • Rapid progress.

  • An optional trip to Spain to try your new skills.


All of our Spanish courses are fun, practical and relaxed. Our classes are small because they are tailored to your needs and interests. With our teachers, you will receive plenty of attention and speaking practice that leads to rapid improvement.


Private lessons are available for all levels at £40/hour or a block of 5 - 10 sessions at £35/hour.


Can you smell the churros? Get started today by contacting us for information or book now

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