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In-house language courses


We are living in a globalised marketplace. One of the simplest ways of investing in your team is through developing their language skills. Through our effective and accessible courses, Speak Out will empower your business to communicate across language barriers, opening up new opportunities and helping you stand out in a crowded field. 


Through our in-house language courses, we work with your team to develop their confidence. No exams, no textbooks. Just real, useful language skills that will enable them to communicate in a global setting. Contact us to learn more or book now.




Speak Out Languages has been working with a cross-functional team to deliver Speak Out with Confidence in French.  We have already noticed benefits throughout the organisation. Not only has the level of French greatly improved, but the classes also build confidence in communication and have the team interacting in a positive fun way.  In addition, we have seen a positive impact on building relationships with colleagues in France, while in the UK HQ, the classes have served as a bonding exercise with team-members of all levels in the organisation, who might not usually get the opportunity to work closely with each other.


I recommend Speak Out Languages to any organisation who wishes to help their team members build stronger relationships through improving their language skills.


Jan Young

Managing Director, Barrie Knitwear (a Chanel company)

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Lunchtime Languages for Busy People


We know how busy you are.  Our Lunchtime Languages courses are designed to maximise your time. Our classes are just 45 minutes long - perfect for fitting in before breakfast or during your lunch break! You will see rapid improvement thanks to our experienced teachers. Unlike an app, they will give you personalised feedback.  We see you as a person, not a formula. Our focus on communication, rather than textbooks, will give you the confidence to progress quickly.  If you have a minimum of 6 people in your office who would like to learn, we'll come to you.


Start learning a future skill today. Contact us to learn more.



I have just completed a first term on Speak Out Lunchtime Languages, having not spoken French for over 10 years, and could not recommend the personal and tailored teaching highly enough. I tested out what we'd learnt this week on holiday in France, catching up with an old French friend, and the interactive classes were invaluable in developing my conversational French.

Iain Woolley,


I’ve really enjoyed myself during the classes. Thanks for excellent teaching. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better.


Saeed Arshad,

Sopra Steria.

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