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In-house courses for businesses

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Speak Out works with companies across Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Borders, from NGOs to international fashion brands.

We work closely with the client to put together the most effective programmes to fulfil the need and deliver rapid results. 


We offer French, Spanish, Italian and German courses and specialise in building confidence to speak, while ensuring each learner reaches his or her full potential.

   Benefits of Speak Out for Business include:

  • Rapid language-learning. Through tailored, interactive and fast-paced classes, learners pick up the language more quickly than in traditional classes.

  • Improved communication skills. Speak Out classes provide the tricks and tips to have realistic, meaningful conversations using practical language.

  • Greater confidence. The ability to ‘give it a go’ before it’s 100% ‘perfect’ is a transferrable skill, which leads to improved confidence in other areas.

  • Team-building. Speak Out encourages a mix of participants in classes to encourage collaborative working across different functions and levels.

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