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Looking to get to grips with Spanish?  Look no further.  

Our mission at Speak Out Languages is to help everyone communicate confidently in a second language. Established in 2012, we’ve helped over a thousand learners develop their foreign language skills. 


Why choose a Speak Out course? Our teaching is all about confidence. Generations of students leave school after studying a second language without the ability to speak it for fear of making a mistake. Every Speak Out course is designed to get rid of that fear by focusing on speaking and understanding. 

Courses Available for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Speakers

Beginners:  Our flagship Speak Out programme is designed to give complete beginners practical, useful Spanish so they can travel and speak with confidence.  Topics include meeting people, ordering in cafes, finding your way around, making small talk and much more. 

Post-beginner and intermediate:  Building confidence to have more natural conversations, switching between the tenses and increasing comprehension.

Advanced: Building fluency and the confidence to use and understand Spanish idioms, discuss themes of interest to the group and enjoy Spanish literature and culture.

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What can I expect from a Speak Out Spanish course?


  • Instruction and feedback from one of our twelve experienced teachers.

  • Small classes that ensure you get attention and practice.

  • Classes tailored to you, not a textbook.

  • Lively sessions that build speaking confidence.

  • A warm, reassuring and stress-free environment.

  • Rapid progress.

  • An optional trip to Spain to try your new skills.


All of our Spanish courses are fun, practical and relaxed. Our classes are small because they are tailored to your needs and interests. With our teachers, you will receive plenty of attention and speaking practice that leads to rapid improvement.


Private lessons are also available for all levels at £40/hour or a block of 5 - 10 sessions at £35/hour.


Get in touch and one of our team will contact you to help you find the right course.

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